Base docker image to run a RabbitMQ server version 3.6.1-1

Integrations added

Tools used in this game

Become a monster slayer

[[ monsterbox.monster.monster.name ]] Reward: [[ monsterbox.monster.monster.rewardXp ]] XP

Slain by [[monsterbox.monster.monster.killedBy.name]], wait for a new monster to spawn…

Monster HP

[[monsterbox.monster.monster.hp]] / [[monsterbox.monster.monster.maxHp]] HP

You've dealt [[monsterbox.monster.damage]] HP damage total

Weak against

  • [[event.friendlyName]]

Strong against

  • [[event.friendlyName]]


  • [[event.friendlyName]]
Yeah! You have reached 5 badges in game and new feature is unlocked!
Click to spawn first monster in your game!
Hurry up! There is another monster waiting… There are [[monsterbox.monster.aliveMonstersCount-1]] monsters waiting…

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